Monday, February 10, 2014

New Painting by 
Daniel Tousignant 

"Looking at the work of San Francisco artist Daniel Tousignant is like staring at a freeze frame of the best dream you've ever had, and the effect is a sudden wash of chest-clutching happiness. The beauty evoked by his landscape is so intense that it elevates them into the realm of abstraction, even though on the surface they're utterly representative. There is some living depth, all the more fascinating for its hiddenness, breathing behind every leafy branch. The artist says that trees reflect the beauty and vulnerability of all living things. Maybe this vulnerability is what we see just under the surface of his canvasses, and what elicits such a visceral reaction to his work." Barcelona, Spain, Metropolitan Magazine

Title: "Two Trees - Blue" 
oil on canvas
40" x 60" 
Price: 5,900,  SOLD Private Collection

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